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Malacca Hash House Harriers GM: Dennis Parker,-----Contact: 017 369 7136----- On Sec: Wendy Loi.----Contact: 019 6622 699-------- We run on every Tuesday 6.00pm sharp..... .

Malacca Hash House Harriers
P.O.Box 256,75750 Malacca, West Malaysia

( A Drinking Club With A Running Problem)

ononfoot1 Malacca Hash House Harriers was established on 13-5-1975, and is the oldest existing hash club in Melaka. It is also the mother hash of all the other hash chapters in Melaka.  .. Hashtory ..

According to the record traced by the mother hash of Kuala Lumpur, the earliest hash club called Springgit Harriers was established in 1935 in Malacca. The club had all the Hash rules and was operated weekly. Hash forefather A.S.('G') Gispert was posted to Malacca in 1937 and joined the club, and some months later, 'Torch' Bennett visited him and came as a guest on a few runs.  .. Hashing ..

After the war,the first official chapter HHH was established in August 1946 as KLHHH, and strangely, it took another 16 years for the second HHH chapter to be founded, in Singapore in 1962, followed by Kuching in 1963, Brunei, Kota Kinabalu, and Ipoh in 1964, Penang and Melaka in 1965. The hash house harriers, though disorganised and mismanaged as they are, multiply and spread like wild fire and today there are about 1500 to 2000 such organizations all over the world. Springgit Harriers and so the others disappeared and the next first in line to continue the hashing is now the

Malacca Hash House Harriers.

  • The Malacca hashloween Joint Run 2009 new4
  • The 12th Pan Asia Hash 2009
  • Malacca Hash Council Run 2009
  • 10th Mekong Indochina Hash 2008
  • A Memorable Birthday Run
  • The 24TH Pan Indonesia Hash 2008
  • 1st joint run of Padang H3,Indonesia & Malaysian Hash
  • Orang Utan H3 500th Celebration Run
  • MH3 members in the 7th Langawi Nash Hash 08
  • A Grand Birthday Celebration Run 08
  • Water Fastival by Sunday Hash
  • Mh3 members in Interhash 08
  • Tour de Malaysia
  • The Joy of Spring
  • Hawaii Night 2007
  • Hash View
  • A Veteran Hasher's view on Run1695
  • A Mail from HT Lim
  • U K revisited 2007
  • Gerard Probst's Farewell Party
  • Mails from friends ( a mail from Todds with photos )

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